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The Wisdom of Grace Blog

We have no control over the circumstances into which we are born. Some are born poor, some rich, some plain, some gifted. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: center; line-height: 12.1px; font: 11.5px Times; color: #6a6b6d} span.s1 {font: 24.0px 'Edwardian Script ITC'}... Read More

My Legacy Links Blog

As a small child, I loved nothing more than to snuggle up to my mommy in her bed whenever I got a chance. It was usually when my father would be away for a few days at a conference or whatever. Now he was gone. Dead at the age of 85 from a combination of Alzheimer’s and heart, he wouldn’t be... Read More

Legacy By Design Blog

What's the legacy of wisdom of your grandparents? Will your grandkids know yours? write an "ethical will".

Predator-Proof Your Family Blog

Yesterday my husband and I were sitting by a window overlooking a golf course, enjoying amazing Greek salads. A tall man approached our table rather tentatively and said he'd seen me and thought he'd say hi. I remembered him as a relatively quiet man, a member of a church I once attended, but... Read More

Miracles By Design Blog

We had visitors for the weekend.
When one of the women arrived, her right hand was curled and very painful. She had long scars on her forearm and more on her upper arm where surgeons had tried, in three operations, to fix the unexplained nerve damage - without success. She was in... Read More

Notes in the Key of Morgan Sharp

Few things in this world can compete with the beauty of good choral music. Excellence in the blending of vocal gifts, however, takes great skill in leadership. A choral conductor must seek to constantly improve his or her craft so that he or she can inspire and challenge those under his or her... Read More

Face Cozy Blog

Another great Face Cozy International testimonia!!
"Love this product bc before I kept getting pressure blisters, redness & rash on my face from CPAP. Now since I've been using this my skin is clearing. Respiratory therapists need to offer this as a solution to patients with sensitivity... Read More