Funeral and Estate Planning guide

**NEW EDITION** Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan

Diane Roblin-Lee

The Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan Guide is designed to help your loved ones organize the events necessitated by your health issues and eventual death.

My Life Legacy, Ethical Will, Workbook, Family History Workbook

**NEW** To My Family... My Life Legacy

Diane Roblin-Lee

This brand new, 150-page journal, To My Family... My Life Legacy is a legacy workbook like no other! This new Canada 150th Anniversary Edition includes the Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan!

A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Heaven

Terry Bridle

A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Heaven by Terry Bridle – Publisher, byDesign Media, Illustrated by Adam R. Terrio.
This book may make you laugh - it may make you cry - but it will open your eyes to the reality of what can happen on the mission field, both funny and poignant. While this book reveals the quirky sense of humour and unorthodox thinking of the author, more...

Brontosaurus Brunch

Judi Peers & Mary Coles

Designed by Mary Coles & Diane Roblin-Lee A delightfully illustrated book full of fun adventures and activities for children.

Certainty - A Place to Stand

Dr. Grant Richison

Foreword by Dr. Norm Geisler Two centuries before Christ, the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes experimented with the lever. He declared that he could "move the earth" if he had a place to stand somewhere in the cosmos. People need a certain place to stand, a point of reference beyond the self. Some forms of the emergent church reject certainty of truth. This group reacts with...

Chronicles - A Military Journal

Jane Twohey

Designed by Diane Roblin-Lee. A military journal for soldiers.

Available through the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada 

Clock Watchers Inc.

Rev. Gordon Williams

Definitions in Information Management

Malcolm D. Chisholm, Ph. D.

A Guide to the Fundamental Semantic Metadata. Click here to purchase the Data Definitions Website 

Developing Intimacy in Marriage

Rev. Angelo Del Zotto with Diane Roblin-Lee

A twelve chapter book on developing intimacy in marriage.

Encounter Easter Drama

Diane Roblin-Lee

An Easter- Pentecost Drama - A dramatic presentation of the full message of Easter. - a compilation of all the details of Easter contained in the four Gospels. Question: Why do people celebrate Easter and then go on living as though Jesus were still in the tomb? This four-act drama by Diane Roblin-Lee is a powerful means of communicating the whole story and leading people to find the fullness...

Exciting Praise

Rev. Gordon Williams

Freedom From Darkness

Rev. Angelo Del Zotto with Diane Roblin-Lee

Foreword by Rev. Dean Bursey - If you believe that Satan may be playing a part in your problems, this book can light your way to freedom! Rev. Del Zotto was an ordained minister (now deceased) in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Early in his ministry, the Lord placed him and his wife, Carmen, in counselling situations which demanded their recognition of the spiritual forces which infuence...

Generational Sin - Gone Forever!

Rev. Gordon Williams

Growing In The Spirit

Diane Roblin-Lee

Foreword by David Mainse reads: "Growing in the Spirit is a book which has been born of the Holy Spirit, and through these words I believe that God intends to stimulate greater spiritual growth than we have ever known before." - Rev. David Mainse, "100 Huntley Street". In Growing in the Spirit, the reader is permitted an extraordinarily candid, close-up examination of the...

Hot Apple Cider

30 Canadian Authors

Foreword by bestselling author Janette Oke. Hot Apple Cider (interior designed by Diane) is an anthology of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, by 30 Canadian authors, including "The Joys and Surprises of Giving," by Diane Roblin-Lee. Hot Apple Cider is perfect for those quiet moments when one has time for only a short read. It is a smorgasbord of tasty morsels for every mood or...

I Love to Tell the Story

David Mainse, with Diane Roblin-Lee and Karen Stowell

100 Stories From "100 Huntley Street" Everyone loves stories. The best ones show how an individual's story intersects with God's Good News, becoming an eternal story. This unique, inspiring volume contains 100 such stories from people who have shared their experiences on the "100 Huntley Street" telecast, Canada's daily Christian TV show. From salvation and healing to restored marriages and...

Into all the World

Diane Roblin-Lee

75 Years of The Peoples Church by Diane Roblin-Lee – Foreword by Dr. Billy Graham. 1st place winner of the 2005 TWG Award in the Special Book category. This is the story of Toronto's Peoples Church, founded by Dr. Oswald Smith in 1928. It chronicles the life of Dr. Smith and how the church grew from his seed of prayer to become a worldwide vehicle for the outpouring of God's love....

It's all About the Brain

Diane Roblin-Lee

Explores and discusses the role of the brain in child sexual abuse and restoration. There is plenty of evidence surfacing that the stress of child molestation can cause actual brain damage in some individuals – but that the damage may be reversible.

It's Hard Not to Stare

Tim Huff

Helping Children Understand Disabilities - Foreword by The Honourable David C. Onley, O.Ont., Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Helping Children Understand Disabilities Compassion Series: Book 2 - Includes a discussion guide for helping Children to understand homelessness. - Designed by Diane Roblin-Lee, byDesign Media -...

Like a Mighty Rushing Wind

Rev. Gordon Williams with Diane Roblin-Lee

Foreword by David Mainse, Host of "100 Huntley Street."
"Gordon Williams, in his book, Like a Rushing, Mighty Wind, answers questions such as, 'What is 'normal' in a relationship with Jesus? How can I be baptized in the Holy Spirit? What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?' This special servant of the Lord continues to bless people everywhere, as he blessed us and the people of...

Listening to the Sound of His Voice

Nan McKenzie Kosowan

From Childhood to Grandparenthood – Listening to the Sound of His Voice. Seventy-eight true stories of everyday people at every stage of life.


My Father's Child

Diane Roblin-Lee

Foreword by David Mainse, host of "100 Huntley Street": "Diane's first book, My Father's Child continues to be the 'classic' which is must reading for every pastor. Diane's personal story is a powerful and dramatic insight into the life of a minister's child. But this is more - much more - than a personal story. With pen in hand, Diane interviewed P.K.s and their fathers in churches,...

Predator-Proofing Our Children

Diane Roblin-Lee

Parent / child sex abuse education

Predators in Pews & Pulpits

Diane Roblin-Lee

Sexual Child-Abuse and the Church

Predators Live Among Us

Diane Roblin-Lee

Protect Your Family From Child Sexual Abuse

Get your family ready for tough times with the Ready book


Diane Roblin-Lee

The world is changing. Life as we have known it is on the brink of being turned upside down – but this isn’t the first time the world has waited, with bated breath, to see what was going to happen next.


Cal Bombay

Foreword by James Cantalon, co-host of 100 Huntley Street - Designed by Diane Roblin-Lee, byDesign Media - A delightful anthology of reflections from one who has walked where few of us will ever walk.

For sale at Castle Quay Books

Seeing Marriage Through God's Eyes

Rev. Jean Henry

Discover true intimacy in your marriage - God's Way!

Seeing Marriage Through God's Eyes - Workbook

Dr. Jean Henry

The companion workbook to the book Seeing Marriage Through God's Eyes

Smart Justice

Diane Roblin-Lee

Community and Church response to convicted child molesters who have served their time

Spirit-Led Days

Rev. Gordon Williams with Diane Roblin-Lee

Day by Day with the Holy Spirit Daily meditations from the author of "Like a Rushing, Mighty Wind" This special servant of the Lord continues to bless people everywhre, as he blessed us, and the people of Canada, during his seven years as regular on the daily "100 Huntley Street" telecast. I recommend that you use this book and attend an event where Gordon is ministring. - Rev. David Mainse,...

The Cardboard Shack Beneath The Bridge

Tim Huff

Foreword by The Honourable Hilary M. Weston, C.M., O.Ont., Lieutenant Governor of Ontario 1997-2002 - Helping Children Understand Homelessness - Designed by Diane Roblin-Lee, byDesign Media - Includes a discussion guide for helping Children to understand homelessness.


The Family Blessing Initiative

Val & Brenda Dodd with Diane Roblin-Lee

This 200-page devotional was born in the heart of the late Val Dodd; a well-loved member of the "100 Huntley Street" television team, past Chairman of the Board at Singing Waters Retreat Centre in Orangeville, Ontario and pastor to many. It was given life through the research and writing of Diane Roblin-Lee, but most importantly, through the breath of the Holy Spirit.

The Forgotten Key to Christian Marriage

Rev. Gordon Williams with Diane Roblin-Lee

Divorce-proof your marriage!
Discover the keys to successful marriage, why the divore rate in the church is the same as in secular society and what to do about it. Learn about God's three-way communication system and discover effective tools for building a happy marriage.

The Husband I Never Knew

Diane Roblin-Lee

The story of a family ripped apart by the fruit of pornography and unbroken generational sin, as told to Diane Roblin-Lee. Forword by Melodie Bissell.

The Porn Factor

Diane Roblin-Lee

Exposes and addresses the link between pornography and child sexual abuse.

The Way They Should Go

Kirsten Femson

As a grade school graduate going into high school, Kirsten felt the weight of her rite of passage into the unkown. Sensing she and her classmates needed some extra guidance and wisdom as they journeyed into the next phase of adulthood, she asked over 200 well- known leaders and people she admired if they would send their advice to her and her classmates for preparing for the next step in life...

The Wisdom of Grace

Diane Roblin-Lee

Grace Roblin celebrated 60 years of marriage and lived a lovely life in the process. She had more woes than some, less than others, but all were handled with unusual wisdom. The Wisdom of Grace contains much of the wisdom we've discarded, but that kept families together. With over 100 photos of Grace from 1908 until her death in 2005, coupled with proverbs distilled from her life by...

To My Family - Faith Based Legacy Journal to record all your family history, thoughts and values

To My Family... My Life

Diane Roblin-Lee

Legacy Journal Edition #1 (Faith-Based Edition)
How do you really want to be remembered ... by a stack of cash and some furniture ... or by the REAL value of your life – the essence of who you are and the values and wisdom you have to share?

To My Family... My Life Legacy

Diane Roblin-Lee

Journal Edition #2 (Generic) Legacy Journal as featured on 100 Huntley Street Personal 150 - page legacy workbooks with Ethical Will resources to record your reflections, values, experiences and family history for future generations. Preserve your thoughts on over 40 important life topics. Record your family tree, family history and valuable highlights. Impart to your loved ones a personally...

Victory Over Darkness

Rev. Gordon Williams, Diane Roblin Lee, Rev. Dennis Baker


When the Worst That Could Happen Has Already Happened

Diane Roblin-Lee

Finding healing for a child who has been sexually abused

Where Family Meets Faith

Kimberley J. Payne

A collection of devotional writings

Where Fitness Meets Faith

Kimberley Payne

 Where Fitness Meets Faith is a fresh, insightful collection of devotional articles with reflections about the similarities between the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building a relationship with God. You can purchase Where Fitness Meets Faith by clicking...

Where Life Meets Faith

Kimberley J. Payne

A collection of devotional writings

Purchase on

Who is the Predator?

Diane Roblin-Lee

Identification – Warning Signs

Child Sexual Abuse and Molestation Help Book, "Why All The Fuss?"

Why all the Fuss?

Diane Roblin-Lee

Prevalence, effects and trends of child sexual abuse