Freedom From Darkness
Rev. Angelo Del Zotto with Diane Roblin-Lee

Foreword by Rev. Dean Bursey - If you believe that Satan may be playing a part in your problems, this book can light your way to freedom! Rev. Del Zotto was an ordained minister (now deceased) in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Early in his ministry, the Lord placed him and his wife, Carmen, in counselling situations which demanded their recognition of the spiritual forces which infuence attitudes, relationships and behaviour. After years in a powerful ministry in which deliverance played a significant role, 'Pastor Angelo' detailed examples of their encounters and exposed the dark kingdom. "Freedom from Darkness" is a practical and exciting guide to finding real victory over spiritual battles. Pastor Angelo's last book, "Developing Intimacy in Marriage," is now required reading for every couple planning marriage in the P.A.O.N. Many relationships have been restored through application of his contemporary Biblical principles.