Terry Bridle

A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Heaven by Terry Bridle – Publisher, byDesign Media, Illustrated by Adam R. Terrio.
This book may make you laugh - it may make you cry - but it will open your eyes to the reality of what can happen on the mission field, both funny and poignant. While this book reveals the quirky sense of humour and unorthodox thinking of the author, more importantly, it will reveal the amazing ways God works in this world in which we live, as seen through the life of an ordinary person. Fun but not frivolous; serious but not stodgy.
“This is a deceptively simple book! Interspersed with the adventures and travel that make it enjoyable reading, are profound spiritual truths and experiences of a living God, born and exhibited in the wide experiences of Terry and Ginny. I enjoyed it from cover to cover.” Endorsement from Charles Price, Teaching Pastor and Host of "Living Truth TV and Radio" - The Peoples Church.
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