Growing In The Spirit
Diane Roblin-Lee

Foreword by David Mainse reads: "Growing in the Spirit is a book which has been born of the Holy Spirit, and through these words I believe that God intends to stimulate greater spiritual growth than we have ever known before." - Rev. David Mainse, "100 Huntley Street". In Growing in the Spirit, the reader is permitted an extraordinarily candid, close-up examination of the spiritual growth of an ordinary Christian who eagerly shares the things she learns as she stretches and grows in Christian maturity. "This is a moving story that everyone should hear. I was deeply touched by this book and feel that this heartwarming, candid book is one you will want to share with others." - Danuta Soderman, The 700 Club. "Diane is the kind of person who quickly engages your heart. Out of her experience and biblical insight, she encourages the reader to be more open to God's agenda for 'Growing in the Spirit'." - Brian Stiller, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.