It's all About the Brain
It's all about the brain - Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse, Sexual predators, child safety
Diane Roblin-Lee

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Predator-Proof Your Family Series - #6 by Diane Roblin-Lee, Foreword by Dr. Melodie Bissell
Explores and discusses the role of the brain in child sexual abuse and restoration. There is plenty of evidence surfacing that the stress of child molestation can cause actual brain damage in some individuals – but that the damage may be reversible. Dr. Caroline Leaf contends that the primary means of healing toxic thoughts, emotions and bodies is by consciously controlling one's thought life. Find out how this can happen in It's all About the Brain.


  • Victim or victor?
  • Healing the brain
  • Forgetting—in the sense of “setting aside”
  • Who Switched Off My Brain?
  • The heart as a mini-brain
  • Positive affirmations - valid or useless?