Rev. Gordon Williams with Diane Roblin-Lee

Foreword by David Mainse, Host of "100 Huntley Street."
"Gordon Williams, in his book, Like a Rushing, Mighty Wind, answers questions such as, 'What is 'normal' in a relationship with Jesus? How can I be baptized in the Holy Spirit? What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?' This special servant of the Lord continues to bless people everywhere, as he blessed us and the people of Canada during his seven years as a regular on the daily '100 Huntley Street' telecast. I recommend that you read this book and attend an event where Gordon is ministering." -Rev. David Mainse
"I went ahead and asked Jesus (at a Gordon Williams evangelistic meeting) for healing of my 15-year lower back problem. After praying, there was no pain." -Dr. Derek Duvall, B.Sc., D.D.S.
"The results of Gordon Williams' ministry have always been countless changed lives as people encounter Christ in his fullness. I recommend this book to you with confidence that the Lord wil use it to challenge and strengthen your faith in significant ways." - Rev David Macfarlane, Former Senior Pastor of Islington Evangel Centre, Toronto

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