To My Family... My Life Legacy | Canada 150 Edition
My Life Legacy, Ethical Will, Workbook, Family History Workbook
Diane Roblin-Lee

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This brand new, 150-page journal, To My Family... My Life Legacy is a legacy workbook like no other! This new Canada 150th Anniversary Edition includes the Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan! 

In keeping with the “Legacy” theme of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, it is designed for the recording of your reflections, values, experiences and family history. A treasure from your heart to your family, it will provide guideposts for your descendants for all the years to come and allow you to preserve not only the nuts and bolts of your history, but also the essence of your personality and beliefs.

Ethical wills stem from early times. Fathers summoned their children before death to invoke blessings on them and affirm the goals and values of the family. While the earliest forms were transmitted orally, the value of written ethical legacies has become recognized in recent years.

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, doesn’t matter. It is the thoughts and information you convey that your children will value - not the punctuation or the way you write. Be yourself. Write what comes from your heart.

In the “Contents” section, you will see subjects listed with pages designated for completion. If you find you have more to say on a particular subject than space will allow, pages 140 through 150 have been left blank to accommodate your needs. At the bottom of each subject page is a “Continued on...” space to enable you to direct your readers to the particular page where you have written additional information on that topic. In case there are subjects you wish to address which have not been listed in “Contents,” the extra pages will suit your needs. 

BONUS!! The Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan is designed to help your loved ones organize the events necessitated by your health issues and eventual death. 

New laws governing health care and death issues necessitate individual planning of health care prior to death to ensure that one's personal wishes should be respected. The Advance Care Plan provides a format for outlining one's desires and beliefs concerning such issues.

Surviving family members or friends generally have to make over 100 decisions in the first twelve hours following a death. These are difficult days for them. Your pre-planning and provision of information will be of immeasurable assistance as they endeavor to finalize your funeral arrangements and fulfill your wishes concerning your estate plan. They will be most grateful for your kindness in organizing the information they’ll need.

Executors who have been left in charge of one's estate may feel overwhelmed by the tasks that confront them. Your organization of the facts, contacts, and issues with which they will have to deal will greatly simplify and assist with the proper fulfillment of your will.

While this guide will assist with your advance care planning and the pre-planning of your funeral, your consultations and pre-planning with a funeral home and the cemetery or crematorium of your choice will be of great assistance to your family. This is not a legal document and so cannot replace legal or tax services. 

You are about to begin creating one of the most enduring works of your lifetime, one for which the generations to come will always thank you. Enjoy sharing the fruits of your life!