Predators Live Among Us
Diane Roblin-Lee

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Predators Live Among Us – Protect Your Family From Child Sexual Abuse
by Diane Roblin-Lee, Foreword by Dr. Melodie Bissell
Find out how to recognize potential predators, how to keep your kids safe, how to stem the tide of sexual abuse in our society and the most effective way of dealing with child molesters when they leave prison.
244 Pages - 8 Chapters dealing with the most important aspects of child sexual abuse.

1 - Why All the Fuss
2 - Who is the Predator?
3 - Predator-Proofing our Children
4 - Predators in Pews & Pulpits 5 - The Porn Factor
6 - It's All About the Brain
7 - When the Worst That Could Happen Has Already Happened
8 - Smart Justice

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