Get your family ready for tough times with the Ready book
Diane Roblin-Lee

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The world is changing. Life as we have known it is on the brink of being turned upside down – but this isn’t the first time the world has waited, with bated breath, to see what was going to happen next.

With the magnititude and variety of monsters at our doors – imminent financial collapse, breakdown of traditional values, wars springing up all over the globe, news of impending famines, China and Russia poised to usurp the World Bank, breakouts of deadly viruses, the moon turning blood red on significant days, Israel surrounded by global enemies, earthquakes happening in unprecedented numbers and bankers jumping out of windows – it would seem that all our past upheavals and warnings have served only as pre-game warm-ups for what is to come. 

History has served as the lesson book, demonstrating the factors that have led to both brilliance and destruction. How well the lessons have been learned will be evidenced by the outcome of the days ahead.

Many are in denial, prefering to believe this is just another difficult time in history. There have always been wars, they say. News of cruel people doing cruel things is nothing new. The idea of life as we know it coming to an end in some kind of confirmation of the Biblical warnings is unthinkable. 

Whether they’re right or wrong, huge, looming changes are casting long shadows over our abilities to continue life as we know it. So what do we do?