Rise Above
Rise Above by Farah Jolag - Book Cover
Farah Jolag

When the world feels unsafe, and the people around us seem bitter, it can be tempting to reflect our environment. When things are not going our way, it’s normal to feel like giving up. We may look for excuses to quit the difficult walk that is leading us towards our goals. When others despise us and commit hateful wrongdoings towards us, our initial reaction may be to retaliate; but we shouldn’t. We should always be unlike those who dedicate their time to hurt us. For every excuse we may think of to quit, there are solutions to get past the roadblocks. When our environment is weak and negative, we need to rise above it all. This book points the way.


  1. Get in the Boat!
  2. From Bended Knees to Walking Feet
  3. So You Want to Walk on Water?
  4. Come!
  5. Can’t Swim? Walk on Water!
  6. Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
  7. Keep Walking
  8. The Sonshine After the Rain
  9. Know Your Lifeguard
  10. Stay Anchored
  11. Rise Above

ISBN: 9781896213958
Page count: 80 pages
Price: $16.95
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