Smart Justice
Diane Roblin-Lee

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Predator-Proof Your Family Series - #8 -  Smart Justice
by Diane Roblin-Lee, Foreword by Dr. Melodie Bissell
Community and Church response to convicted child molesters who have served their time – Includes the model for a re-integration process which has been used with success in nurturing healing and hope but minimizing opportunity to re-offend. Diane Roblin-Lee also examines the concept of Restorative Justice ( see http://www.bydesignmedia.ca/child-sexual-abuse).


  • The high cost of recidivism
  • Preventing recidivism (repeat offending)
  • When first line prevention hasn’t worked
  • Can treatment guarantee change?
  • An integrated perspective - incarcerative punishment,
    psychiatric treatment and restorative justice
  • Why do we need more than prison and treatment?
  • What is “restorative justice?”
  • And then there’s the family of the child molester...
  • Recycling humanity
  • Supporting or shunning?
  • Plan to Protect™
  • The iHeart?
  • Natural inclinations or wisdom?
  • Jail-house religion—or restorative faith?
  • The responsibility of the church
  • The XXX church
  • The Bursey model for re-integration into a church
  • A Pastor’s Perspective
  • The “Offender’s Covenant”