Terry Bridle - Testimonial for Diane at byDesign Media

Terry Bridle

"For me Diane has created many newsletters, designed and published my first book, and is collaborating on the creation of my website as part of an integrated promotional strategy, including many other creative inputs such as banner design etc.

I would be lost without her - as a professional associate and as a friend.

As an Englishman we don't lavish praise unless it is deserved.

Concerning Diane and byDesign media, let me make it simple for you:

Quality of work
First class professional

Excellent. Diane always comes up with superb surprises, beyond what I would have thought of.               

Work ethic

Always met even though I have thrown things at her at the last moment.

As a novice writer I gave her a really hard time. Her patience with me was amazing, but when I pushed too far she pushed back in a most gracious and professional manner. As a consequence, our working relationship is better, and our friendship is stronger.

Diane is a special and unique talent. If she is able to accommodate your needs you will be thrilled with the results and blessed by the experience."